The saddest story I don’t remember

This one of the saddest stories about me, but I don’t remember it at all. It serves to remind me of the impermanence of life, but also of the basic goodness of mankind. My father died suddenly at age 26. He was driving while drunk and pulled his car out in front of a semiContinue reading “The saddest story I don’t remember”

Day 53 (Sort of) Sober: Hey… Sorry about last night.

I sent this text last Saturday morning to a friend I had been chatting via text on Friday night. I sent this text because… well, it was warranted. I had text some things that maybe needed to be said, but not in the way I said them or in the condition I was in whenContinue reading “Day 53 (Sort of) Sober: Hey… Sorry about last night.”