Day 53 (Sort of) Sober: Hey… Sorry about last night.

I sent this text last Saturday morning to a friend I had been chatting via text on Friday night. I sent this text because… well, it was warranted. I had text some things that maybe needed to be said, but not in the way I said them or in the condition I was in whenContinue reading “Day 53 (Sort of) Sober: Hey… Sorry about last night.”

Day 25 – Finding reasons NOT to drink in a time that definitely calls for a drink.

Covid-19 is top of the news, as it should be. It is a scary time. I believe we are in a time of change. A paradigm shift, if you will. I believe what is happening now is going to change the way we look at the world and specifically the way Millennial’s interact with theirContinue reading “Day 25 – Finding reasons NOT to drink in a time that definitely calls for a drink.”

Day 21 – Getting Sober, Just in time for the end of the World.

As I congratulate myself on 21 days sober, and we embark on the end of the world as we know it, I ask myself – well, shit… why try to do this now? Isn’t the end of the world the absolute BEST time to live it up, get sauced, and throw caution to the wind?Continue reading “Day 21 – Getting Sober, Just in time for the end of the World.”

Day 18: Sobriety: What you do when no one is looking

This subject has been on my mind the past few days, I think because I have been by myself more than usual. Surprisingly, it has been easier not to drink when I am with someone who is drinking than it has been when I am alone. Maybe, this is because I said I will notContinue reading “Day 18: Sobriety: What you do when no one is looking”

Day 14 – Sobriety: Why Choose to be (stay) sober?

In the last year, I couldn’t make it one week without drinking. I would say “okay, one week (or two, or 5 days, or name your time frame) – no booze. If I can’t do that, then I must have a problem…” I can’t be the only person that has said this – made “deals”Continue reading “Day 14 – Sobriety: Why Choose to be (stay) sober?”

Day 12 – Sobriety and Alcohol Math

I was thinking about the first time I tried to quit drinking (for 28 days). It didn’t work out brilliantly for me, but it did give me an idea of what to expect on this next leg of the journey. It also gave me a little insight into some alcohol math. What is alcohol math?Continue reading “Day 12 – Sobriety and Alcohol Math”

Day 8 – Sobriety as background noise

As a newly sober person, I think every day about not drinking. I think about it every single fucking day. Makes me tired. It occurs to me that a person with a “healthy” relationship with alcohol never think about “not” drinking. They just do or don’t. Either way it is of little to no consequenceContinue reading “Day 8 – Sobriety as background noise”

Day 3 – About last night…

My first weekend evening on this new journey. Last night, Friday night, was my first night of non-drinking with others who were drinking. I went with a to a friend’s house to celebrated his daughter’s birthday. There were a few little girls there. We made sushi and cake. Fortunately it was not a purely “adult”Continue reading “Day 3 – About last night…”

Day 2- Living Sober in a Drunken World

As I navigate an old world as a new me, I have concerns that my relationships will be affected by my choice to be sober. Alcohol is everywhere in our society. It is present at every social event, even in places where it would seem out of place, (baby showers, kids birthdays). It is almostContinue reading “Day 2- Living Sober in a Drunken World”

The “A” word, it’s not what you think.

Abstinence.. Such an ugly word. Speaks to deprivation and sadness. Abstinence is defined as: the fact or practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something. “Restraining oneself from indulging.” Well that sounds like a great big bag of no-fun, right? The idea of a lifetime of abstinence from alcohol seems too daunting for me. SoContinue reading “The “A” word, it’s not what you think.”