Freedom in letting go

Three days ago, I had a dream about someone who was once very important to me.

It was a peaceful dream in which I had an opportunity to “let go” of several bad feelings towards this person who I have felt “wronged” me in the past.

Here is the weird part.

Yesterday, I had to travel a new way to work, due to circumstances beyond my control.

Well, on my way, I drove by an “old woman” walking down the street (35F weather – it was cold y’all). She was in a neighborhood and seemed to not be close to a destination that I could tell. I suspected she was walking to the local convenient store at the end of the long street. If so, she had a long walk ahead of her.

Now, I know if she is walking in this weather with her purse on her arm that she is not “choosing” to do so. If I were in that situation, I would hope someone safe would turn around and ask me if I needed a lift. With that in mind, I turned around and stopped to ask her if she needed a ride somewhere.

She said – “I saw you and thought that was you – thanks, yeah, I’m going to the corner store up the street and then to work from there.”
So do I know her? She seems to know me. I honestly didn’t recognize her until she got into the car.

Yes. I know her. She is:

a.) not an old woman, but a couple years younger than me – which kind of threw me off – is this how people see me? as an old woman?? and

b.) an old mutual friend of someone that I was very close to (the person in that dream I mentioned previously).

We caught up and she told me about her kids, I told her about mine. I took her to corner store and bought her a coffee.

And I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I am just amazed at how the universe works.

I really thought about why.

Why was she put in my path so soon after the dream?

What was I meant to learn from that encounter?

Here is what I took away:
We are all here to impact one another.

We are in each others’ lives for a reason.

Whether that reason is to offer or be offered the ride.

Whether you are thirsty or the one with water.

We are designed to teach and learn from each other.

And even the painful lessons are still valuable.

It made me evaluate what I learned, from that “dream” person, in real life.

From them I learned to be a softer, more vulnerable human. Previously, my knee-jerk reaction was always to be so hard, so self-protective and defensive. I was taught that letting go of your fear and allowing yourself to be fully loved and to fully give love does make you vulnerable to pain, but real love is ALWAYS worth it.

I’m grateful for the lesson and happy to have the reminder.

Happy Holidays, folks. May your lessons be painless and your blessings be plentiful.

As always: stay safe, stay sober, stay sane – or do your best. That’s all we can do.

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I'm a professional, a mom, an entrepreneur, unrepentant bibliophile, and a lover of all things in nature. Oh yeah, and I may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol...

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