Life On The Edge: Strong Women and Corvettes

Strong Women are like Corvettes.

Everyone thinks they want one. That is, until they get one. Both seem like a lot of fun, from the outside. They can move very fast, seem to rule the road, and take the curves of life in stride.  In many cases, their power alone can make them beautiful.  

But be warned before bringing either into your life: like Corvettes, powerful women are a lot of upkeep. Fixing either once broken can come at great personal cost.  All this maintenance can make them a bit of a pain-in-the-ass, despite the fun.

Onc should also consider that all that horsepower can make them difficult, if not impossible, to control. This should not come as a challenge, but as a caution. Respect that power. One should work with, and not fight to control it.

Having either in your life can bring excitement, joy, laughter, and fun. Taking life at 70 mph, facing head on what life throws in your path… Pedal to the metal.

But it takes a special person to handle all that power. She is tough-looking on the outside, but despite appearances, her mechanics are quite fragile and require attention, care, and maintenance. Either can break easily if not maintained.  

If you’re not very careful, you can wreck her or get yourself hurt.

So, drive carefully out there.

Published by soberover40

I'm a professional, a mom, an entrepreneur, unrepentant bibliophile, and a lover of all things in nature. Oh yeah, and I may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol...

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