Day 25 – Finding reasons NOT to drink in a time that definitely calls for a drink.

Covid-19 is top of the news, as it should be. It is a scary time. I believe we are in a time of change. A paradigm shift, if you will. I believe what is happening now is going to change the way we look at the world and specifically the way Millennial’s interact with their world going forward. I believe this change will be painful. But ultimately, perhaps we can find some good.

I believe we will all have to live with less. As of March, 2020, we are only just seeing the downstream effects of the impact on our global communities and supply chains. In a consumer driven, “disposable” world obsessed with more, bigger, newer, and scheduled obsolescence – we will be forced to slow down and accept a little less, at least temporarily.

Generations in the past have had these lessons, and I believe we are about to learn them as well.

As restaurants and bars close, gatherings of large numbers of people are cancelled, and children are sent home from school for weeks on end, we are forced to rethink how we live our lives. Currently there is no end in sight for this.  My hope is that this is over quickly. We blunt the spread of this through “social isolation” and can get back to our normal existence.

From the time we were infants we have spent our lives trying to understand our world and how we fit into it. As adults, we still learn. Social interaction is a HUGE part of this learning from early on. Limiting social interaction, even temporarily will be detrimental to some and catastrophic for others.  Elimination of places to gather – drinks with friends, happy hours, ball games and sporting events, plays, parades, bars, and legion halls will eliminate some of the only external interaction that is available for some people. Changing our physical culture from hand shakes and hugs to fist-bumps and elbow bumps will also have a separating effect on us as a people, albeit small.

What does this have to do with drinking or being sober? In my mind, everything. As we all plan for a world that is very different from the one, we know – we reach for the familiar. We want to understand our world. We want it to make sense. Up until recently, drinking was familiar. Drinking was a way to destress, loosen up, socialize with friends, and relax. If anyone needs to destress, loosen up, and socialize with friends (even if it is in small numbers) it is us, now. In short… I need a drink. Maybe we all do.

So how do I combat this psychological craving? To be honest, I admit that I want a drink first. That is putting it mildly. I admit that what I really want is to get all-the-way, properly, piss drunk, fucked up. I want to forget all this. I want to take a fucking mental break from fear and anxiety. It’s exhausting. I want to close my eyes and down the first of many glasses of wine. I want the sweet release of a hazy brain and watch lazily from a chair as the room spins… I need to get drunk. So badly.

Okay… I said it. I feel better. Now on to the way I have succeeded in NOT drinking (so far). I mentally list the reasons not to drink.  Here was the list from last night.

  1. I have 24 days sober. I’m doing so good. I haven’t cheated once. Don’t ruin it now.
  2. I hate hangovers. I have to work tomorrow and there is much to do. I can’t be fuzzy headed and feel ill. Also, I hate hangovers
  3. I need my wits. I need to be focused on what needs to be done for my home, my kiddo, my life. I can’t do that properly piss-drunk or hungover.
  4. I can’t afford to pick it back up again. Everyone’s job is in jeopardy except health care workers – even mine – so I can’t afford at $10 / day wine habit again. Knock it off. Austerity measures, bitch.
  5. It really does feel good to be sober.
  6. Tomorrow is 25 days. So close to 30. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

These are the things on my list. I hope you find your own list. If you have other coping ideas – please feel free to share.

Join me in a pledge to:
be community minded.
be kind to each other.
help one another and look out for each other.
learn to cook, sew, plant, preserve food.
reuse, recycle, and repair where we can.
learn self-reliance and patience.
(most importantly) wash our hands.

Love will not cure illness, but it will sure make our world a better place and make what’s happening around us feel a little less scary.

Much love to you all and please stay well!

Published by soberover40

I'm a professional, a mom, an entrepreneur, unrepentant bibliophile, and a lover of all things in nature. Oh yeah, and I may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol...

2 thoughts on “Day 25 – Finding reasons NOT to drink in a time that definitely calls for a drink.

  1. When the order came down to shelter in place, I found myself at a liquor store…someplace I had not been for quite a while. After several days of binge drinking, I poured out some whiskey….almost a week later I found myself pouring out a box of wine.
    I decided that anything that dulled my senses, anything that took away from my whits, my sleep, my happiness, my ability to balance…
    …had to go

    I applaud you in your desire to take on a dragon that has wrapped itself around you…I understand your fight all to well.


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