Day 3 – About last night…

My first weekend evening on this new journey. Last night, Friday night, was my first night of non-drinking with others who were drinking. I went with a to a friend’s house to celebrated his daughter’s birthday. There were a few little girls there. We made sushi and cake. Fortunately it was not a purely “adult” night, so it was a good excuse for me to not drink.

The other adults were drinking, and I could have certainly spent the night if I had decided to drink too much alcohol. I made sure to bring juice and kombucha in order to drink something with a little more kick than straight water or soda. (I will talk about my special juice later).

Part of me really did want to drink. Normally, even if I planned to drive, I would have had one or two drinks. I am very nervous about drinking and driving. I lost my father in a drinking and driving accident when I was a young child (he was driving). I never want to be the cause of some family’s pain. And as a mom, I never want to leave my child motherless because of some stupid action on my part. With that said, I was able to “justify” minimal drinking and driving because I had a system that I considered fool-proof. One drink + one hour = okay to drive. Two drinks+ two hours + food= okay to drive. I have not always tried to be responsible. I am ashamed to say that I did drink and drive prior to my daughter’s birth. I can only say this is because I was a selfish, immature asshole. I was young enough to not understand my own mortality, and had enough hubris to believe I could manage my drunk driving without hurting anyone or myself.

Having kids around last evening and planning to drive was a good excuse to NOT drink. So I don’t think this was a really challenging test. In addition, I am still at less than the two week historic failure point for me, so I’m not feeling confident yet. I feel like I’m still on a “sobriety-high.” I feel really good about the decision to be sober, because I have called it a “challenge.” I am treating this as a gift I am giving to myself and my body. I am not sure the idea that I plan to NEVER drink alcohol again has actually set in.

I felt really good about not drinking. I didn’t feel superior to those that were drinking, I just felt that I was doing what was right for me. There weren’t a lot of questions, because I kept busy with the kids and made it clear I planned to drive. Now when it is only adults and everyone is drinking, except me, I believe there will be more questions, and potentially more pressure.

I want to talk about my juice for a bit. Whether it is because of conditioning or because of my taste buds, I really do like the taste of beer. I enjoy the bitterness. I enjoy the bite of it. I happened upon a juice that gives me a little bit of that bite. When mixed with kombucha, it provides a sweetness and a bite (more like a cider). I used this last evening to help me sate the desire for bitterness that beer provides. I even transported it in a little howler, just be funny.

The juice is simple, but effective for me. In case you are curious, here is the recipe:

1 celery bunch, 1 whole small lemon (with peel) or one half large lemon (can also sub in lime), 1 Granny Smith apple, 1 thumb of ginger, water (about 2 cups). I don’t have a juicer, but I use a vitamix to puree the ingredients and then sieve out the pulp with a milk nut bag. I am sure you could also make this with a juicer. Chill. I mean, chill the juice- but if you want to chill after making the juice, then please proceed to do so. I encourage chilling at every opportunity. If you try it, please let me know how you like it.

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I'm a professional, a mom, an entrepreneur, unrepentant bibliophile, and a lover of all things in nature. Oh yeah, and I may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol...

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